Camber Marine is exclusive distributor for Doen Waterjets throughout Spain.

Our promise with this commitment is to achieve the best performance, excellent operation and ease of installation, operation and maintenance in our entire range of Doen WaterJet products.

At Camber marine we trust Doen as they are the leading designers and manufacturers of water jet propulsion systems and are focused on offering the best Waterjet products that stand out in the harsh operating conditions of commercial and military marine markets.

Almost 50 years of ongoing R&D and a strong track record of developing innovative water jet propulsion solutions Doen is placed in a unique position for its partnership with designers, ship builders and operators alike to maximize performance, Productivity and uptime.

With the wide range of water jets that combine engine powers from 100 hp to 5000 hp, you can be sure that Doen WaterJets has an offer of products to fit your boat, regardless of whether it is large or small.

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For each Waterjet model, it would have a variety of control options to better adapt to different applications and budget requirements; from simple hydromechanical controls to a sophisticated fully integrated electronic system with a single joystick docking function.

The promise is superior performance, excellent reliability and simple simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance throughout the product range.

The business philosophy of Doen WaterJets revolves around providing you with a competitive advantage and the lower lifetime cost of machinery. From Camber we will be with you in all the design, construction and operation of boats.