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Camber Marine & Propspeed

At Camber Marine we like to work with the best qualities, the best brands and get the best results in our jobs. That is why we work with PropSpeed, the best Foul Release on the market. Do you need a budget for the product application? Do you want to be an official PropSpeed applicator? Any questions or queries you have we will solve it.

What is Propspeed?

What is a foul release system?

Conventional antifouling paints depend on the slow release into the marine environment of biocidal compounds, that is, toxic, whose duration is limited.

The outer layer of Propspeed consists of an ultra slippery silicone sheet, physically and chemically bonded to the metal, which makes it almost impossible to anchor marine organisms on the treated surfaces because they are extremely slippery.

The Propspeed system consists of several components, some essential as the Propprep, and others developed to make life more enjoyable for those who work with Propspeed, for example the Propstrip stripper or the “stirring wheels”.



Let Propstrip do the hard work for you. Reduce your cost of labor in the reapplications of Propspeed with this ecological stripper, simple and easy to use.



Alcohol soaked wipes remove any remaining grease and ensure that the metal is ready to receive Propprep.



The latest studies demonstrate the importance of the metal pre-oxidation process so that the chemical reaction of the primer that distinguishes Propspeed from its imitators occurs.

Paint stir wheels


Making a perfect and quick mixture of the primer and the catalyst is much easier with this complement that is used with an electric screwdriver or low speed drill.

Imprimación y endurecedor

Primer and Hardener

The combination of Propspeed Etching Primer bas & Hardener forms one of the best primers on the market for submerged surfaces, standing out for its extreme adhesiveness and abrasion resistance.

Clear Coat


The ultra-slippery, non-toxic final layer that repels the growth of marine life and reduces shipowner costs. More Speed, Less Fuel.

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