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Leaders in propulsion systems

We are exclusive distributors
of DOEN in Spain

At Camber Marine we are exclusive distributors in Spain of DOEN Waterjets; leaders in the design and manufacture of hydrojet propulsion systems.

DOEN Waterjets propulsion systems are designed to maximize the performance, productivity and life of your boat. At Camber Marine we have a wide range of DOEN propulsion systems that combine engine powers from 100CV to 5,000CV. It does not matter if your boat is large, small, commercial or recreational, our waterjet propulsion systems adapt to all types of boat.


DOEN: Water Jet Drive Solutions

DOEN Waterjets not only adapts to the size of your boat, it also adapts to your requirements and budget. Depending on what you are looking for, you can install simple hydro-mechanical controls or even fully integrated electronics with a single joystick.

But for any DOEN Waterjets powertrain, the corporate promise is the same: superior performance over the competition, excellent reliability and great simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance across its entire product range.



camber limpieza propspeed iconSuperior performance

camber limpieza propspeed iconSimple installation and operation

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DOEN Products

DOEN Waterjets products stand out for their sophisticated electronic systems, for their high-quality materials and for providing excellent performance to your boat. Discover your propulsion and control systems.

Kompakt Series

Optima Series


Camber Marine and DOEN Waterjets

Partners since 2010

DOEN Waterjets was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1971 as an engineering solutions provider. But it wasn’t until the 1980s that the company launched a full range of larger powertrains and began selling to foreign markets.

At Camber Marine, due to market requirements and customer demands, we decided to introduce waterjet propulsion systems to our product portfolio. And in choosing, we opted for the world leaders: DOEN Waterjets.

Currently, we have been working together for more than a year and we are exclusive distributors of the brand in Spain.

Camber Marine references with DOEN Waterjets products

Do you want to check out the performance of DOEN Waterjets? In the following examples you will be able to observe the propulsion systems and control systems installed on our clients vessels from pleasure boats to luxury superyachts.