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Humphree: Stability at sea

Official Humphree distributors in Spain

At Camber Marine we are Humphree’s Official Authorized Distributor in Spain.

The Swedish stabilizer firm has been making a difference at sea for more than 15 years. Thanks to the experience of its naval engineers, and has developed superior quality stabilization systems that allow users to stay ahead of the competition and make their sailing experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

If you are looking to reduce roll and pitch, optimize performance, reduce fuel consumption, and more comfortable turns, you are looking for Humphree.

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The most efficient way to stabilize your boat

When you go sailing, you want a pleasant experience at sea. And Humphree systems provide unmatched comfort for this experience.

The interceptors and fins are the protagonists in Humphree. These systems offer unprecedented stability, performance and reliability characteristics. Both the fins and the interceptors, made with innovative materials, allow total comfort by reducing pitch and roll of the boat.

Forget about seasickness, discover the excellent experience at sea.

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Humphree Spain
Less noise, less wear and fuel savings

Humphree Spain Stabilisation Systems
Stabilisation at all speeds

Humphree Spain Benefits
Eliminates anchor displacement

Humphree Spain Control Systems
Control systems for all needs

Humphree Spain Products:

Humphree stabilisers are responsible for unmatched comfort and performance at sea. Find out more about Humphree products, their functions and Camber Marine boat references from around the world.

Camber Marine and Humphree

Partners since 2010

Humphree was founded in 2002 in Sweden with a mission to provide and develop innovative products and services. They quickly became the best stabiliser company for boats thanks to their knowledge of hydrodynamics, electronics and digital control in products and services that are easy to use and install.

It was in 2010, when due to the market requirements and the quality and efficiency of their products, Camber Marine decided to start working with them. We have been official Humphree distributors in Spain since the beginning and we continue to be in constant training. If required, we may travel to wherever you need to install the best stabilisers on the market.


Still not familiar with the Humphree features?

Humphree stabilisers provide a wide range of functions for the perfect experience at sea. Don’t you know them yet?

    • Automatic Trim Control: corrects the trim angle by lowering the bow of the boat and thus improving its efficiency.
    • Automatic List Control: corrects the boat’s list at all times.
    • Coordinated Trun Control: tighter turns with greater speed and comfort.
    • Active Stabilization: eliminates dizziness and fatigue.
    • Stabilising Fins: reduces roll and pitch, commonly installed on commercial vessels.
    • Zero speed fins: provide stabilisation at all speeds, both at anchor and navigating up to 40knots.
    • Steering Interceptors: aid with the turn, thus saving fuel and increasing the efficiency of the propulsion system (its use with waterjets stands out).

And if you want to install Humphree products on your boat,
don’t hesitate to contact Camber Marine.

We travel to where your boat is.

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