Propstrip: remove Propspeed easily and quickly

If you need to remove leftover old Propspeed easily, quickly and inexpensively, you are looking for Propstrip stripper. This is a water-based coating cleaner specifically designed to remove Propspeed primer and topcoat from various metal surfaces. In addition, it is totally biodegradable in water and soil.



  • Save time and money.
  • It is totally ecological: it becomes inert in contact with water.
  • Can also be used on plastic surfaces.
  • Reduce up to 70% of the cost.

How to apply Propstrip

1.Before you start: make sure the area to be treated is completely dry and protect the areas where you do not want Propstrip to act.
2.Apply Propstrip with a brush leaving a thick layer all over the surface and wait about 3 hours, depending on the weather conditions.
3.When Propstrip starts to bubble and change color, check with a scraper to see if the old Propspeed comes off easily.
4.Once ready, wash it with water and a scouring pad.