Torqeedo, freedom to navigate

Torqeedo, freedom to navigate

Electric drives for motorboats and sailors

When developing Torqeedo motors, the main objective is to optimize the overall efficiency. This quantity is defined as the effective propulsion power of the engine (measured after discounting all losses, including propeller losses) divided by the input power of the engine. It is a simple concept and an overwhelming logic, which, however, in most cases, is often ignored: perhaps because for combustion engines it is not so important. For electric motors it is of the utmost importance, which is why Torqeedo always mentions it when describing the main features of our products and in our technical specifications.


Official distributors.

At Camber Marine we like to bet on the future, sustainability and innovation. Torqeedo electric outboard motors are the most advanced form of clean propulsion, and as such we want to have it in our catalog for you.

From the Ultra-light range for boats and canoes of 1hp comparable to 3hp and up to the Deep Blue range, for professionals who navigate many hours and for protected areas, with 40hp of power comparable to 80hp, Torqeedo engines are by far the best-selling electric boats in the world.

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Eco friendly

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For sailboats

From light sailing boats to yachts up to 120 feet

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Wide range of products

We currently have 2 models in stock.

As official distributors, we currently have two models in stock: The Travel 1103 with 3 hp and the Travel 603 with 2 hp. With Torqeedo everything is possibilities. From outboards from 1 hp to 80 hp. Inboards, sailboat tails, hybrid engines. Spare batteries, 24V and 48V, accessories, cables, propellers, fins… And a long etcetera that adapts to any need.

With Torqeedo we join the change and invite you to join. As they say:

“It is not the first time that a success story has been born in a garage. This is ours.”

We aim to create the future of people who move through water.

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