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The best foul release in the world

Protect your boat's propellers

Camber Marine & Propspeed

At Camber Marine we work with the best products and brands on the market to guarantee the highest quality results. That is why we work with Propspeed, the best foul release in the industry, and we are official distributors and applicators of the product.

Take care of your boat’s hull with Propspeed – you’ll save on fuel, gain speed, and take care of the ocean.

Discover our points of sale and application.

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What is Propspeed?

Propspeed is the world leader in foul release systems. It consists in the application of antifouling paints to prevent the growth of marine organisms on propellers and metal surfaces.

The Propspeed system consists of several components, some of them vital as the Propprep and others recommended as the add-on “stir wheels”.

Together, these components form the outer shell of Propspeed – an ultra-slip silicone sheet chemically and physically bonded to the metal of the hull and propellers. And, thanks to this coating, it is almost impossible for marine organisms to adhere to surfaces treated with Propspeed due to its high degree of slippage.

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Propspeed BenefitsCleans the surface

Propspeed AntifoulingProtection against corrosion

Propspeed AdvantagesFuel savings

Propspeed Enviromental FriendlyEnvironmentally friendly


Propspeed brand products stand out for their unbeatable adhesion to boat metal. If you want to get the best antifouling products in Mallorca, check in with Camber Marine.

Propspeed: everything you need to know

What makes Propspeed different from other foul release products?

Conventional antifouling paints are toxic compounds and are of limited duration.

To the contrary, Propspeed stands out from its competitors for its efficiency and unmatched adhesion to boat metal. Propspeed’s outer shell is ultra-slip, long-lasting, and high-performance in prevention. The secret to their success is the way they link the component system.

You will take care of your boat and the environment

Traditional antifouling systems use all kinds of toxic components, such as biocides, to prevent the growth of plankton, algae, crustaceans, etc. That is, they kill marine organisms by releasing poisonous substances that, in turn, are also a powerful marine pollutant.

Furthermore, biocides are depleted within a few months or even earlier in high-speed propellers. But Propspeed is different; It does not contain any type of biocide, copper, or any other substance that can affect the marine ecosystem. It is the best foul release in the world because it slides, not because it is toxic.

Benefits of Propspeed

How Propspeed is applied

At Camber Marine we are official Propspeed applicators. Read on to understand how to apply this foul release system:

  1. Prepare the surface by sanding or using Propstrip.
  2. Clean and degrease the surface with Propclean.
  3. Condition the metal using Propprep wipes
  4. Apply primer: Metal Etching Primer
  5. Apply the final coat: Clear Top Coat