Humphree fin Stablisers

The latest generation of 24V DC Humphree fin stabilizers have arrived to offer an unmatched experience at sea. It differentiates itself in the market due to the following characteristics: less noise, no generator required, 360 degree rotating shaftless system, integral system together with interceptors

This system provides complete stabilization from zero to full speed. Forget about dizziness and swaying and get ready to know the best version and control of your boat with Humphree fins.

Know its unbeatable technical characteristics:

  • Personalized design
  • 24V DC: no need for a generator set.
  • 360º rotation: combat anchor walking
  • Flange mounting: quick and easy installation
  • Stabilization at full speed
  • Integrated interceptors for total control of movement (Pitch & Roll)
  • Compact size and low weight
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Electric rudders

Humphree 24 VDC electric rudders ensure perfect boat stability, thus minimizing yaw moment. These rudders can operate in two ways: in manual mode and in autopilot mode. The advantages of Humphree’s electric rudders include: fuel savings, increased speed, and reduced turbine wear.

Discover its excellent benefits and features:

  • Immediate management response
  • Improved speed
  • Lower fuel consumption (up to 10%)
  • Improved manoeuvrability
  • Easy integration with waterjet systems
  • Several sizes available
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Fixed fin

Many powerboats have trouble keeping their course. But these problems have come to an end thanks to Humphree’s fixed heading fixed fins. These, screwed into the hull, provide a correcting force for boat deflection with minimal resistance. In addition, these screws have been tested and verified so that, in case of breaking, the hull of the boat remains intact.

Its incomparable features are:

  • Sub-cavitation fins (below 40 knots)
  • Various sizes available: HFF400 and HFF650
  • Ventilated base fins (more than 40 knots) HFF500
  • Various sizes available: HVFF300 and HVFF500
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SF-Series stabilizer fin

The stabilizing fins capable of reducing the pitch and roll of catamarans and monohulls correspond to the SF Series (Humphree Stabilizing Fin). The fins of this series are made of stainless steel and are specially built for large boats. Well, its design is intended for continuous use and ships with long maintenance periods.

Discover the SF Series stabilizer fin sizes:

0.25 m2       W 463 mm         H 650 mm          Weight: 93kg

0.38 m2       W 493 mm         H 900 mm          Weight: 106kg

0.50 m2       W 570 mm         H 1050 mm        Weight: 119kg

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Our Director of Sales and Services, Eduardo Camacho Berlanga, presents our success story in the installation of the Humphree Stabilization and Fins system.
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