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Prestomarine: Leaders in lifting systems

We are exclusive distributors
of Prestomarine in Spain

At Camber Marine we are exclusive distributors in Spain of Prestomarine: leaders in the design and manufacture of jet ski lift systems.

We have chosen to offer what we feel represented and we share with Prestomarine our most representative characteristics: safety, quality, design and performance.

Together with them we want to provide a quality experience and make boating more enjoyable with Prestomarine lifts.



Prestomarine offers lifts that suit the size, weight and type of boats and, most importantly, your own physical ability or desire for simplicity. In addition, their lifts are easy to operate as they have simple controls and user-friendly features.

Together with Prestomarine, we are committed to providing a quality experience. We want the navigation and the products to be as pleasant as possible.

Mikael, its founder, had a frustrating experience while on holiday: he didn’t know how to lift and stow a dinghy or jet ski on the bathing platform on a family’s boat swim platform. That inspired him to create a high quality inflatable boatlift.

Today, they include dinghy lifts, jet ski lifts and inflatable boat lifts.

Start your next water journey with confidence. Discover why countless boating enthusiasts choose Prestomarine for their marine needs and let us and Camber Marine enhance your boating experience.

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Prestomarine products

Prestomarine products stand out for their excellent quality, easy use and unique boating experience. Discover the lifts for all types of boats.


The new Ultra Compact Presto Stair is nicely hidden underneath the swim platform and is driven by a 12V electric actuator. The Stair is typically mounted underneath the swim platform but there is also a version that can be installed in the end of the platform, creating an extension combined with the stair.

Easy to release or retract with the included remote control in seconds.

Get in and out of the water easy. Relax in the water on the stair or use it to enter the beach. Can be fitted to any type of boat, sport cruisers, pontoon boats, yachts or a commercial vessel.

The Stair is protected from corrosion by being made from Marine aluminium 5083 (for saltwater) and Stainless-Steel components. All well composed for a long service life.

As options, add Flexiteak to the steps and the easily removable handlebars.

Camber Marine and Prestomarine

Camber Marine & Prestomarine: partners

The decision to add lifting systems to Camber Marine’s product line became apparent due to the overwhelming demand. In our quest to offer solutions of unparalleled quality and performance, we chose to partner with the highest quality in the market: Prestomarine.

Today, Camber Marine is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Prestomarine in Spain. This partnership allows us to offer our customers the highest quality and technology in lifts, backed by the experience and reputation of a globally recognised brand.

Prestomarine products references

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