Official distributors of Volvo Penta in the Balearic Islands

At Camber Marine we have been committed to the best engines on the market for more than 35 years, Volvo Penta marine engines. These represent the perfect combination of strength and versatility and provide long-lasting and reliable performance. No matter what type of boat you have, Volvo Penta has a wide range of marine engines to ensure safe driving and efficiency at sea that you have not experienced before.

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Your Marine Dealer in Mallorca

Camber Marine has been a Marine Dealer in Mallorca since 2008. We provide new and second-hand marine engines, whether recreational, commercial and industrial, and of all Volvo Penta spare parts and accessories that exist. We also offer technical service thanks to our engineers, certified on the latest technologies and brand methodologies.

At Camber Marine we know how to recognize which engine is best for your boat, provide you with efficient assistance and provide you with certified advice and technical service, always with original Volvo Penta parts.

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Advantages of our Marine Dealer:

Spare parts in Stock or less than 48 hrs your preferred address
Spare parts in Stock or less than 48 hrs your preferred address

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2-year warranty for original parts

Volvo Penta Action Service: 24h assistance worldwide
Volvo Penta Action Service: 24h assistance worldwide

Volvo Penta Green Commitment
Volvo Penta Green Commitment


All Volvo Penta spare parts that exist can be found at Camber Marine; from spare parts for all types of marine engines to a wide selection of accessories such as propellers and steering systems. You will also find a wide selection of used Volvo Penta marine engines.

Official Volvo Penta Dealer in Mallorca

Camber Marine & Volvo Penta

Our relationship with Volvo Penta dates back to 1985. At that time Camber Marine did not yet exist as such, but its founder, Eduardo Camacho, did. This same year Mr Camacho started working with Volvo Penta, thanks to his great work, in 2005 he won the award for the best VPS in Spain.

His years of experience in the nautical sector led him to found his own company, Camber Marine in 2006. And, due to the high quality and high performance that Volvo Penta offers, Camacho decided to continue working with the brand. This is how Camber Marine became the Marine Dealer in the Balearic Islands in 2008, providing assistance in Mallorca and Menorca.

Volvo Penta warranty

From Camber Marine we not only limit ourselves to supplying customized spare parts for your engine, we also offer you a wide warranty coverage so that you enjoy the highest quality.

All Genuine Volvo Penta accessories and parts (except wear and tear) supplied by a Marine Dealer such as Camber Marine come with a 12 month warranty as standard. And, if the spare parts are installed in our infrastructures, the warranty is doubled to 24 months including labor.