Nautical Services in Mallorca – Camber Marine

In Camber Marine we offer a wide variety of nautical services for all types of motorboats, specialising in pleasure craft, commercial vessels and industrial equipment.
Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience and our great team of professionals, we offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of repair, maintenance and new installations necessary to optimise and extend the life of your boat.
In addition, we travel all over Spain and Europe to take care of your boat as if it were ours.

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Repairs, maintenance of crafts and new installations

You just worry about enjoying the best experience at sea. At Camber Marine we take care of any nautical service that your boat needs:

We repair from any deck accessory to the engine of your boat. We are Volvo Penta Center in Mallorca and Menorca, as well as official Humphree authorised dealers for the whole of Spain. Specialists in re-engining, as well as in the installation of stabilisers.

We take care of the maintenance of your boat, we look after and protect it. We come to pick up your boat at the mooring, we protect it in our facilities under surveillance and we carry out the personalised nautical service you need, such as: cleaning, Propspeed antifouling paint, battery change, etc.

We cover all types of installations: from a light bulb in the cabin, a wireless security system such as Dokensip, to the most innovative navigation accessory.

And all of this always from the best professionals, installations and machinery.


Advantages of our services


Recambios en Stock o menos de 48 hrs su dirección preferida
Maximum service life for your boat

Garantía de 2 años para piezas originales
24/7 support and original spare parts

Volvo Penta Action Service: Asistencia 24h en todo el mundo
2-year warranty on original parts

Volvo Penta, compromiso con el mar y la ecologia
Increased safety and reliability at sea

Outstanding nautical services

Our highly qualified team is our greatest asset. In addition to offering a professional and friendly service, they work on all types of nautical services, always providing the highest quality and excellence in results.
Due to our experience in the sector, and our recognition as Volvo Penta Center in Mallorca and Menorca and official Humphree distributors in Spain, we are specialists in: all types of mechanics, electronics, paint and fibre and winterizing and maintenance.

servicio mecanica nautica volvo penta camber marine

Marine mechanics

servicios destacados electronica camber marine

Electrónica yElectronics and electricity

servicios fibra pintura camber marine 1

Fibre and paint

servicios destacados ivernaje mantenimiento camber marine

Wintering and maintenance

Quality, reliability and 100% original spare parts

The sea is our passion and we know how important it is to go sailing in peace. That’s why we offer you the services you need to enjoy comfort, reliability and the best experience on your boat.

We also have our Volvo Penta online shop, where you can buy all the genuine Volvo Penta parts you need quickly, easily and securely, any day, any time.

  • Marine mechanics: we take care of diagnostics, maintenance and solutions for all types of marine engines, especially Volvo Penta engines. From a single part replacement to a complete re-engining.
  • Electronics and electrics: we equip your boat with the latest in navigation, home automation systems, Raymarine autopilots, Volvo Penta Easy Boating accessories, batteries, lighting… We also check and repair any device.
  • Paint and fibre: our paint service ranges from painting the deck to solving moisture problems with osmosis treatments. Our leading brands are Hempel and Propspeed antifouling.
  • Maintenance and custody: we extend the life of your boat, protect it and take care of it in our large facilities. We offer: boat transport, winter storage under supervision and preparation for the next season with the necessary services.

Sail and enjoy, at Camber Marine we take care of the rest. Just contact us.