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Dokensip: security system for your boat

Monitor your boat wherever you are

Dokensip is much more than a boat alarm: it is the most complete security system on the market. It is the only 100% wireless sensor system that ensures the safety of your boat. Thanks to the comprehensive FCS control system and the multi-channel alerts process included, you will be able to monitor your boat from a mobile device. Do not hesitate, be the first to know what happens on board your ship.


Pack Dokensip EVO in Balearic Islands

At Camber Marine we know the importance of feeling that our boat is safe and that is why we are official distributors of Dokensip in the Balearic Islands. The Security system allows you to enjoy and relax thanks to its EVO pack, made up of four sensors, a CORE module and a DOKIE. However, you can also customize the system based on the needs of your boat with 16 devices simultaneously connected to the same CORE.

6 pack evo dokensip camber marine


camber limpieza propspeed iconMonitor your boat 24/7

camber limpieza propspeed iconNo cables to install and operate

camber limpieza propspeed iconCustomization of sensors

camber limpieza propspeed iconMulti-channel alert

Individual products

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If you prefer to customize your security system with independent products, at Camber Marine you will find all the necessary sensors to have full control over your boat and the peace of mind you deserve.

  • CORE

Dokensip in the Balearic Islands

Camber Marine official dealer of Dokensip

At Camber Marine we only work with the best brands in the industry and our security partner earned our trust when it was nominated for the DAME Awards for Nautical Innovation in 2016. As experts in the nautical sector, we know that the safety of your boat is a major concern and For this reason, we are official distributors of Dokensip in the Balearic Islands. In addition, at Camber Marine we have the EVO pack for only € 1,500, installation included.

Dokensip services

– Smartphone App. It has a simple and attractive free mobile application to monitor your boat.

– Web App. You can manage all the factors related to your Dokensip security system: registration, subscription, history, etc.

– MAP. Dokensip’s multi-channel alert process is triggered when an alert is generated on the ship, notifying the alert on all linked devices.

– FCS. You have full control over the system that your boat is supervising.