Volvo Penta Accessories: Easy Boating Solutions

Imagine being able to handle your boat more easily and reliably, experiencing the best sailing sensation. Yes, what may be the dream of many, is the vision of Volvo Penta. And to meet your expectations, Volvo Penta has created the Easy Boating concept.

This represents a range of accessories and softwares that offer integrated, innovative, easy-to-use and low-consumption solutions that will make your experience at sea the most

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It’s the smarter way to Easy Boating

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Interceptor technology smoothly, precisely and automatically controls all trim adjustments. Without a doubt, the most comfortable and safe option to eliminate annoying and dangerous pitching and rolling of the boat.

Explore Volvo Penta accessories and software for interceptor and trim technology:

  • Boat trim System
  • Powertrim Assistant
  • Volvo Penta Interceptor system

Volvo Penta boat dynamics

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All the things you need to do, made easy.

Check engine status, send data to your service dealer, or plan your next journey from your smart device.

And thanks to its latest update, the app is easy to use, customise and displays only what you want and need.

Discover the main features of the Easy Connect app:

  • Status overview
  • Map
  • My journeys

Volvo Penta | Easy Connect

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Thanks to the dedicated Easy Boating accessories for this function, you can relax in your seat and maneuver with precision with just one hand. Forget about complicated gear, throttle and steering wheel combinations when docking. They are no longer necessary.

Featured Volvo Penta accessories for maneuvering are:

  • Autopilot
  • Joystick Docking & Driving
  • Dynamic Positioning System

Maneuver your Volvo Penta

Easy Boating Accessories

Enhance your experience at sea with Volvo Penta’s Easy Boating accessories.

Not sure which accessory is best for your boat? Don’t worry, at Camber Marine we advise you and help you find the perfect accessory for your boat. In addition, we provide you with a certified technical service, always with original Volvo Penta parts.

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  • Cruise Control
  • Sportfish mode
  • Tow mode
  • Autopilot
  • Trip Computer
  • Single-Lever mode
  • Low-Speed mode
  • Trip Computer
  • Single-Lever mode
  • Low-Speed mode
  • Joystick Docking
  • Powertrim Assistant
  • Battery Management system
  • E-key

Easy Boating Advantages 

Maniobrabilidad y Comodidad con Easy Connect de Volvo Penta
Maneuverability and Comfort

Nuevos niveles de seguridad con Easy Connect de Volvo Penta
New levels of security

Easy connect Mejorar tu tiempo en el Mar
Improve your time at sea

Perfecto control y fiabilidad con Easy cinect de Volvo Penta
Perfect control and reliability

A fully Integrated system 

At Volvo Penta everything is designed, developed and manufactured together – from engines to transmissions, drives and propellers. Everything can be easily controlled and monitored with the intuitive Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system. With the system, you can plot a route on the Glass Cockpit System, activate the Autopilot on your Joystick, and be guided smoothly to your destination. Easy and intuitive..

Find out in this video how the latest Volvo Penta marine products are connected throughout the boat to create an easy boating experience.

Can we advise you on your next Easy Boating Accessories?

Accesorios de Easy Boating