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Humphree Components Installed on the Boat

Humphree Interceptors:

  • 2x X750mm, 50mm blade deployment

Humphree Control systems:

  • Automatic Trim Control


  • 2x Volvo Penta, IPS600

Intervention Data

  • Top speed: 30.5 knots
  • LOA: 13,39 m
  • Displacement: 17 ton
  • Beam: 3,5 m

Installation Results

  • Speed increase of around 1.5 knots at hump speed when using Automatic Trim Control
  • Bow trim was reduced with 3° at hump speed, good visibility
  • Acceleration 40% faster with AutoTrim activated.

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2header sealine humphree camber marine
3header sealine humphree camber marine


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