Agilis, Custom Luxury Jet Tenders for Yachts

Agilis, Custom Luxury Jet Tenders for Yachts

Jet Tenders made to be enjoyed.


Agilis are the Jet Tenders par excellence. They were born as the solution to common Tender. They are fully customizable, affordable, tailor-made, easy to handle, and tastefully created.

What was born as an idea and a solution to the problems of current Tenders has become a company that is dedicated to the creation of Tenders with all the features that the client needs.


Distribution for the Balearic Islands

At Camber Marine we like things well done and this is one of those things. We are the point of sale for the Balearic Islands of Agilis. There are up to five different models and all models are customizable. You can choose navigation systems, change the colors in all the ways you can imagine, custom the seats, the cockpit. You can add LEDs, different options of upholstery, teak, dual battery systems, multifunctional screen, steering wheel removable, anti-theft system and a long etcetera!

With their Jet propulsion they are faster, safer and more efficient. Minimizes mechanical friction for totally superior performance.



camber limpieza propspeed iconFully customizable

camber limpieza propspeed icon5 Jet boat models

camber limpieza propspeed iconUp to 10 passengers

camber limpieza propspeed iconHigh maneuverability and efficiency

5 Models that can be infinite models

Highg Availability

We currently have the 280 model

We have in our boat Demo of the model 280 available so that you can test it and see it in operation. If you have doubts or questions we will be happy to help you.

Make an appointment with our sales representative and try it out!

As you can see in the image, it adapts perfectly to all measurements, it is compact and handy. This is the small, but the big one, the 560 model is 5.60 meters long and can carry up to ten people.

As you can see, everything is designed to cover all your needs.

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