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Volvo Penta Engine D1-13

Transmission not included. 2-cylinder Volvo Penta Diesel engine with crankshaft power of 12.2 CV



Smooth running with low vibration levels is achieved through a dynamically-balanced design incorporating highly efficient rubber isolation. Lower engine speed together with an inlet air silencer reduces noise levels and contributes to increased onboard comfort.


This engine delivers high torque at low rpm. That means plenty of power and quick response when maneuvering in a marina, in strong head wind, and in confined spaces.


With a rigid engine block and a one-piece cylinder head, this Volvo Penta marine diesel engine is designed and built to be immensely strong. Together, the engine and Saildrive form a solid, robust and highly efficient package that is easy to install.


High-capacity charging is standard. The 115A alternator has an electronic sensor which enables a higher battery capacity. Even at idle speed, the alternator gives more than 35A, and at cruising speed it de¬livers approx. 100A.


The engine is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This reduces internal corrosion and enables the engine to maintain a consistent and optimal working temperature under all conditions.


A propulsion system from Volvo Penta is easy to maintain. Our comprehensive range of high-quality oil, lubrication and coolant ensures uptime and top performance in the long term. Accessories include a fuel pre-filter to keep the engine in good condition.


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Technical description:

Engine block and head

• Cylinder block and cylinder head manufactured from high grade cast iron. Crankcase features a rigid tunnel block design. 

• Chrome molybdenum forged crankshaft, statically and dynamically balanced with integral counterweights. Pistons are cast from high silicon aluminum, are heat treated and fitted with two cast iron, chromium faced compression rings and a single oil ring. 

• Replaceable, hardened valve seats

• Elastic coupling on flywheel

Engine mounting

• Tuned front and rear cushion-type rubber mounts. Adjustable.

Lubrication system

• Spin-on fullflow oil filter

• Separate oil scavenger pipe

• Closed circuit crankcase ventilation

• One top and one side oil filling position

Fuel system

• Flange mounted, cam driven in-line injection pump 

• Feed pump with hand primer

• Spin-on type fine fuel filter

• Auxiliary stop button on engine

Exhaust system

• Freshwater cooled exhaust manifold and seawater cooled exhaust elbow

Cooling system

• Freshwater cooling system governed by thermostat

• Tubular heat exchanger with integral expansion tank 

• Easily accessible sea water pump and impeller

Electrical system

• 12V corrosion-protected electrical system

• 14V/115A marine alternator

• Charging regulator with electronic sensor for voltage drop compensation

• Glow plugs for excellent cold starting

• Electric starter motor

• Electrical stop function

• Extension cable harness with plug-in connection available in various lengths 

EVC instruments

• Start/stop panel

• Tachometer with alarms and engine hour counter


• Separate instruments for: 

– Fuel level 

– Temperature 

– Voltage

• LCD display with multisensor

• NMEA interface presenting engine data on chart plotters

Choice of transmissions:

• Housing of gravity die-cast aluminum alloy

• Mechanical multiple-disc clutch shift

• Safety coupling with built-in overload protection

MS15A – reverse gear with 8° down angle output.

• Ratio 2.14:1/1.95:1 (RH/LH) and 2.63:1/1.95:1 (RH/LH).

MS15L – reverse gear with straight output. 

• Ratio 2.14:1/1.95:1 (RH/LH) and 2.63:1/1.95:1 (RH/LH).

S-drive 130S and 130SR for reverse installation of engine. Ratio 2.19:1.


• Engine controls and steering systems

• Battery and battery switches

• Hot water systems

• Separate expansion tanks

• Cooling water seacocks, strainers and hoses

• Exhaust systems and hull fittings

• Fuel systems including filters, pipes etc.

• Propeller shaft systems and propellers

• Chemical products – paints, oils, cleaners etc

 Technical Data
Engine designation D1-13
Crankshaft power, kW (hp) 9.0 (12.2)
Propeller shaft power, kW (hp) 8.6 (11.8 )
Engine speed, rpm 2800–3200
Displacement, l (in3) 0.51 (31)
Number of cylinders 2
Bore/stroke, mm (in.) 67/72 (2.64/2.83)
Compression ratio 23.5:1

Dry weight with

reverse gear MS15A/MS15L, kg (lb)

111/111 (245/245)
Dry weight with saildrive 130S, kg (lb) 126 (278)
Emission compliance BSO, EU RCD Stage II, US EPA Tier 3
Rating R5*

Technical data according to ISO 8665. With fuel having an LHV of 42700 kJ/kg and density of 840 g/liter at 15 °C (60 °F). Merchant fuel may differ from this specification which will influence engine power output and fuel consumption.

*R5. For pleasure craft applications

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