The World Yachting Event – Cannes Yachting Festival

cannes yachting festival camber marine

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To be called the world yachting event is saying something. Every September since 1977, the Yachting Festival has been the first show of the season and Europe’s premier yachting event. In an elegant and luxurious setting, the professionals of the yachting industry inaugurate the season and present their new products in the glittering Bay of Cannes. And, of course, we had to be there as Camber Marine.

This year was even more special if that’s possible. The hope, the energy, and the illusion of this year and the previous one, which finally had to be cancelled, were united.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 was held from 7 to 12 September in the Vieux Port and Port Canto. It was six days of great intensity, but also of pure happiness.

In our case, we were at the Vieux Port with our demo boat, surrounded by other colleagues from the sector and the best shipyards in the world. In total there were 450 motor boats between 5 and 45 metres in length with many new features.

Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience where we enjoyed what we love so much in one of the oldest and most prestigious ports of the Côte d’Azur.

The ideal place to present our demo yacht

When the opportunity presented itself, we didn’t think twice. It was the time and the place. We set up our demo boat and set sail for Cannes.

During the Yachting Festival we were at the PAN 317 stand presenting our demo boat and doing sea trials for all the participants. There is no better way to present our star products and to test their functionality and effectiveness at sea. Our boat is equipped with:

  • Volvo Penta IPS 10
  • Volvo Penta D6 – 480
  • Humphree Active Stabilisation
  • Humphree Interceptors X-600
  • Humphree Fins 0.6 m2

Sailing and sea trials in the Vieux Port together with people who share the same passion as us was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding moments of our professional experience.

cannes yachting festival camber marine

Volvo Penta & Humphree

Thanks to our extensive experience in the nautical sector, at Camber Marine we only work with the best brands to offer you reliability, comfort and the best experience at sea. And, obviously, our demo boat is also equipped with these brands:

Volvo Penta

Since 2008 we are Volvo Penta Center in Mallorca and Menorca. We take care of the sale of Volvo Penta marine engines and spare parts. The engines represent the perfect combination of power and versatility and provide long-lasting and reliable performance.

The best way to see for yourself is on our demo boat, powered by:

  • Volvo Penta IPS 10: the perfect example of superior performance while maintaining comfort and manoeuvrability.
  • Volvo Penta D6 – 480: this engine offers great reliability, exceptional fuel economy and low maintenance costs.

We also have our Volvo Penta Shop, where you can get any spare part for your engine 24 hours a day – and with a comprehensive warranty! Visit our shop.


We have been working with Humphree since 2010 and, since 2016, we are also an Official Authorised Humphree Distributor in Spain. Thanks to this, we make a difference at sea. Humphree stabilisers provide unprecedented stability, performance and reliability. On our demo boat, equipped with three Humphree systems, we no longer remember what pitch and roll are:

  • Humphree Active Stabilisation. This feature eliminates the feeling of seasickness and fatigue at the touch of a button.
  • Humphree Interceptors X-600. This series of interceptors is perfect for achieving control of dynamic hull movements on boats from 6 to 18 metres.
  • Humphree Fins 0.6 m2. Fins achieve full stabilisation from zero speed to maximum speed.

Maintain your boat with top brands

Our demo boat is just an example of what your boat can look like. At Camber Marine we take care of the necessary maintenance so that all you have to worry about is going out to sea and enjoying yourself.

In addition to the repowering with Volvo Penta parts and the installation of Humphree stabilisation systems, we also carry out other services such as application of Propspeed antifouling paint, installation of Dokensip wireless security systems, etc.

Thinking of having your boat maintenanced by us? Come and see our demo boat, we will answer all your questions!

Contact us for more information.