At Camber Marine we are official distributors of Volvo Penta Mallorca and Menorca, Humphree Spain.Our facilities: STP Shipyard and Poligono Son Castelló

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A memorable event – Boat Show 2021

The Palma Boat Show 2021 was much more than a boat show for everyone. It was Europe’s first face-to-face boating event in the aftermath of the pandemic.

It was four days of great excitement and hope for the maritime sector on an international level. We, in particular, were looking forward to them more than ever. After more than a year without any on-site fairs, the event was held in Palma’s Moll Vell, a familiar setting for us, where we have our support tent (in the STP).

We welcomed hundreds of people during the different days and took advantage of the event to promote, publicise, and showcase our main brands, products, and novelties. Therefore, we can affirm that we had high expectations of participation, but they exceeded.

Now that the Palma Boat Show 2021 is over, we can only thank all those who came to visit us: friends, family, clients, representatives, etc. Not forgetting the main organisers of the event and their hard work: the Institute for Business Innovation of the Balearic Islands (IDI) and the Balearic Yacht Brokers Association (BYBA). It is all of you who have made these four days a memorable event.


The real protagonists: Volvo Penta and Humphree

From Camber Marine, we represented two of our big brands, Volvo and Humphree, on SYP40/41 stands. We are Volvo Penta Center in Mallorca and Menorca and official distributors of Humphree in Spain.

Volvo Penta

Our Volvo Penta stand featured our products, discounts and special visits. We had a D8-IPS800 engine, Easy Boating accessories for easy navigation, discounts for both accessories and engine replacement and detailed information on any of our Volvo Penta products and services. We also had the pleasure to receive the privileged visit of Volvo Penta Spain, true professionals with whom we could share knowledge and great experiences.


In the Humphree part, the different simulators of the brand stood out. The difference between sailing with and without Humphree stabilisers is so great that we decided to show it to the clients through simulators. For this, we brought a fin stabiliser, interceptors and a control panel.

Other brands

Although they did not have their stand, other brands such as Propspeed and Dokensip were also present. Propspeed is the ideal and essential antifouling to take care of the boat’s propellers, while Dokensip has become the only safety system on the market with 100% wireless sensors.

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Palma Aquarium Foundation Collaboration

There was also room to show our most supportive side and our commitment to the environment. As for collaborating members of the Palma Aquarium Foundation, we cooperate with the conservation of the seas and oceans worldwide, especially the Balearic Sea and sea turtles.

Throughout the event, we had a small stand where all interested participants were informed about the charity campaign of the Palma Aquarium Foundation, and many of them helped by buying the book “Second Chances”. This book deals with the rescue of sea turtles and shows how, thanks to the Foundation’s Recovery Centre, the different species can have a second chance. The 100% of the money raised from the sale of these copies was donated to the Foundation, to rescue many more turtles.

Finally, we would like to thank you all, once again, for your visit and involvement in this significant event for us. If we had to sum up the Palma Boat Show and the Balearic Yacht Show 2021 in just one word, we have no doubt which one we would choose: success. And all thanks to you.

See you next year!

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We return to the Palma Boat Show 2021

We are very happy to represent, once again, Volvo Penta and Humphree at the Super Yacht Show and Palma International Boat Show that will be held from June 3 to 6, 2021 at the Moll Vell in Palma.

During the Boat Show, you can find us at stands SYP / 40 and 41 with all security measures. These stands will be divided between our two main brands: Volvo Penta and Humphree. Thus, you will be able to observe the best marine engines and the most outstanding stabilizers in the nautical sector in detail.

In both areas, our team will be in charge of offering you expert advice on any Camber Marine product and service, informing you about brand new developments and showing you on-site the simulators that we have prepared for the Palma Boat Show 2021.

Our goal, as experts in the sector for more than 35 years, is that you solve all your doubts and that, thanks to Camber Marine, your next experience at sea is much safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.


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Camber Marine news for the Palma Boat Show 2021

De la marca Volvo Penta, la novedad que traemos este año es la irresistible oferta del 15% en los accesorios EVC de Volvo Penta. Estos le permitirán una navegación más sencilla y placentera a la vez que minimizar el consumo de combustible y emisiones de gas. Fíjese en todos los accesorios innovadores que abarca la campaña:

  • Trip Computer
  • Speed Limiter
  • Cruise Control
  • Sportfish Mode
  • Tow Mode for watersports
  • Autopilot
  • Single lever Mode
  • Low Speed Mode
  • DPS
  • Joystick Driving
  • Joystick Docking
  • Interceptor System
  • Automatic Boat Trim System
  • Powertrim Assistant

Likewise, we will also have Volvo Penta recreational, commercial and industrial marine engines, original spare parts and simulators of some of the accessories mentioned above. In this way, you will not only be able to find out, but also experience it first-hand!

From Humphree, we will have exclusive fin simulators and interceptors with which you can recreate sea trials and perceive the difference they make. Still don’t know what difference we are talking about? The difference between enjoyment and dizziness, the difference between low and high fuel consumption, and the difference between excellent and poor visibility.

In addition to our highlights, you can also enjoy a selection of products from other brands for the maintenance of your boat in our mini showroom at the Palma Nautical Fair. Because at Camber Marine we offer you all the products and services necessary for you to enjoy comfort, reliability and the best experience at sea.

Where and when?

  • Dates: June 3-6, 2021
  • Hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Moll Vell – Port of PalmaAccess to the venue / Tickets:
    Entrance 1: Contramuelle Mollet / Avda. Antonio Maura- In front of the APB Building
    Entrance 2: Calle del Muelle / Police Station of the Port of Palma
    Entrance 3: Promenade – Plaza San Telmo
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Camber Marine, Volvo Penta Center of Mallorca and Menorca together with Vehicle Mechanics, Volvo Penta Official Service specialized in industrial engines present us the largest Travelift in Europe at STP, Palma de Mallorca.